Our Story

Kevin began making woodturnings as a hobby in 2008.  Kevin enjoyed the creative process of working at his lathe and making turnings as gifts so much that he decided to start NC Pens in 2015. Selling his turnings at community events allows Kevin to share his remarkable woodworking skills and knowledge with others. His wife Cece assists with marketing and event registration. We love being a part of our customer’s excitement when they purchase that unique gift for someone they care about. And yes, even if you buy yourself that “I gotta have it” item, it still counts as a gift!

We are Community-Focused

Through our participation in events hosted by community organizations, we are fortunate to have supported:

Our Products

We pride ourselves on the use of high-quality parts, fine craftsmanship, and outstanding customer service at an affordable price. Most of our pens take ordinary Cross, Parker, or Rollerball refills which can be purchased at your local office supply store, Walmart, or Amazon.